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KIM Engineering Ltd

Quality is our first priority.

KIM Engineering Ltd

Is founded in 2004

At the beginning, the main goal is to develop all types of filters used in processing of vegetable oils.
The company deals with design, manufacturing and installation of equipment for refineries of vegetal oil and biodiesel. Our main accent has been on the production of filters with filter elements, which work under pressure.

The basis of design is formed with the following parameters:

- occupational safety;
- economy;
- energy saving;
- protection of the environment;
- simplifying the manipulation and operation of the equipment;
- implementation of maximum automation;

In its design and production, the company is governed by European regulations.
- It is certified by ISO 9001
- It is certified by ISO 3834-2



Our filters consist of filter elements, covered with 5 layers of mesh. The outer mesh depends on the filtration process. All the elements are brought together through a collector in a pressure tank. The cleaning of the filter can be by means of steam, air or inert gas. The filtering technology and the cleaning lead to the presence of very little quantity of oil in the sediments.

Filtration of Crude oil

The filtration of crude oil is performing most successfully by means of the pressure leaf filter made of stainless or mild steel. Solid discharge from the filter comes out in the form of dry filter cake to ensure a minimum loss of oil.

For filtration of cold pressed vegetable oil for fuel or food purposes.


Sunflower and soya oils are cooled down to crystalize the waxes and stearin in a filterable form. These oils are filtered with horizontal pressure leaf filters. The filter cake is dried with compressed air or steam.


The filter can be used for removing the bleaching earth or activated carbon after bleaching so that a high quality of oil is achieved.

Control filters

After each filtrate ion process, it is advisable that the oil is passed through a control filter, so that any particles or impurities ranging from 25 to 0.5 microns could be removed. For this purpose, KIM Engineering Ltd. manufactures filters with baskets, with set out bags of special fabric, achieving filtration of 0.5, 1, 5, 10 and 25 microns.


For manufacturing

The production of biodiesel from vegetable oils at times proved uneconomic. Therefore KIM ENGINEERING LTD. focused its efforts on preparation of methyl esters of fatty acids, which are secondary waste product in the refining of vegetable oils and are considerably cheaper.

Initially obtained success in the laboratory and pilot plant, was then designed and placed in operation on an industrial scale.

In the installation can be processed fats with acidity of 0.1% to 60%.

Biodiesel from fatty acids

The raw material must be analyzed very well in order to make correct calculations. Each stage of the process is monitored closely and carefully to afford the acid esterification, alkaline transesterification, separating glycerol and obtaining biodiesel by parameters corresponding to the European standards.

In the right bulb is fatty acids with acidity of 23%, and in the left bulb-ready biodiesel.


Refineries for vegetable oil

KIM ENGINEERING LTD. has no single prototype for refinery. The best solutions are selected based on existing experience. Each subsequent refinery is designed so that there is the least dependent on the human. Crude oils with specific aromas, acidity, waxes, content of phosphates undergo a number of processes to get the "refined oil".

These processes include:

• Neutralization and degumming;
• Bleaching;
• Dewaxing;
• Deodoration;

The processes according to the capacity of the enterprise may be comic or continuous.

Automation of production processes

Separators are monitored throughout the manufacturing process, from loading to start and getting good results.


Imports of separators for oil industry with installation and commissioning.

Separators are monitored throughout the manufacturing process, from loading to start and getting good results.

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