Filters (pressurized)

Filters represent elements, coated with a combination of 5 networks, as the external network depends on the filtering process. All elements are collected through a collector in a pressure vessel. The filter is cleaned with steam, air or inert gas. The filtration and cleaning technology allows almost zero residual oil in the sediments.

Crude filtration

Filtration of crude oil

Vertical filters are used to filter the crude oil, whose cleaning is an easy process thanks to an automatic pneumatic vibrator. After being purged with air or inert gas, sediments dry on the filter elements. With the bottom flap open, the dry sediments fall into the cart and the filter is ready for work again.

For filtering cold-pressed vegetable oil for fuel or food purposes.


Wax removal (Winterization process)

This process uses horizontal filters with easy and quick opening capabilities for cleaning and inspection. More filtering area is required, on which such a vessel can more easily be located.

They are usually cleaned with plastic putties. Installation of vibrators is also possible, but there is always some amount of sludge left on the filter elements.

Drying of sludge is achieved with compressed air.


Vertical filters are again used for bleached oil, but it is recommended here that the precipitates be dried with steam. It is cleaned in the same way as with crude oil.

Control filtering

Control and polisherfiltering

After each filtration, it is recommended to do a control filtration, in order to remove the small particles and the oil to get the so-called “glossy”.

For this purpose, KIM Engineering Ltd. manufactures filters with baskets, in which filter bags of special material are placed, allowing to achieve filtration from 5, 10 and 25 the micron.

Filter elements

Filter bags

KIM Engineering Ltd. keeps filter bags in stock, used in the use of control filters. The company has different sizes (microns) on the filter bags: 5, 10, 25, 50 microns - according to the client's preferences.

Filter elements

The company "KIM Engineering" Ltd. has specialized in the production of high-quality filter cloths, consisting of a stainless steel frame and a stainless mesh filter area.

At the customer's request, any configuration can be made with different sizes of nozzles and the canvas itself.

"KIM Engineering" Ltd. also offers the possibility of repairing old filter cloths after checking their condition.


Refineries for vegetable oils

"KIM Engineering" Ltd. does not have a single prototype for a refinery. The best solutions are selected, based on available experience. Each subsequent refinery is designed, so that there is the least dependence on the human factor.

Crude vegetable oils have specific aromas, acidity, waxes, phosphate content and undergo a number of processes, to receive “refined oil”.

These processes are: Neutralization and degaming; Whitening; Winterization; Deodorization;The processes, according to the capacity of the enterprise, can be batch or continuous.

Automation of production processes

Computerized visual control system for refining stages (demucosation, we whiten, deodorization, Victorization and vacuum installation)

The refineries are fully equipped with a computerized control system (PLC system), which allows fully automatic operation of the installation for 24 hours without interruption. Process parameters and operating mode are shown on color displays. The operation of the installation is regulated and controlled by special hardware and software.

Separators, pumps, heat exchangers, steam ejectors

"KIM Engineering" Ltd. works with established partners to import high-quality separators, pumps, steam ejector units and plate heat exchangers for the oil industry.

Separators are controlled throughout the production process – through loading to launch and getting good results.

The company "KIM Engineering" Ltd. can also assist its customers with the delivery of the flowmeters they need for various processes, pumps, faucets and others.


For biodiesel production

The production of biodiesel from vegetable oils at certain times turns out to be economically unprofitable. That is why the company "KIM Engineering" Ltd. focused its efforts on obtaining methyl esters from fatty acids, which are a secondary waste product in the refining of vegetable fats and are significantly cheaper.

Initially, successes were achieved in laboratory conditions and a pilot plant, and then it was designed and put into operation on an industrial scale.

Fats with an acidity of 0.1 % to 60 %.

Biodiesel from fatty acids

In this process, the raw material must be analyzed very well, to make calculations correctly. Every single stage of the process is followed meticulously and carefully, to obtain acid esterification, alkaline transesterification (alkaline transesterification), separation of glycerin and production of biodiesel with indicators meeting European standards.

Essential oils

Essential oils

Essential oils

The company "KIM Engineering" Ltd. also deals with the execution of stainless steel orders, related to the construction and manufacture of equipment for workshops for the processing and storage of essential oil crops.

Production capabilities

Production capabilities

The company "KIM Engineering" OOD has profile bending machines, shafts, Abkants, mills and lathes with the ability to process metals and details up to 1300 mm. diameter.